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  • Sku: HCB-2082
  • Vendor: Liebherr

Liebherr 36" Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model: HCB-2082

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Liebherr 36" Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model: HCB-2082


Liebherr's DuoCool technology ensures optimal climate conditions for all your stored items. The separate silent cooling systems offer precise temperature and humidity control, keeping your food fresher for longer. The Freezer section is filled with ice-cold dry air while the Refrigerator maintains cool moist air, preserving vitamins and safeguarding food. This advanced food protection technology prevents unwanted transfer of air, moisture, and food aroma between compartments, preserving flavor and texture. NoFrost combinations ensure that no ice forms in the appliance, eliminating the need for defrosting. Overall, Liebherr's Dual Refrigeration technology provides superior food preservation.

Liebherr's patented BioFresh system maintains a perfect climate to keep your food fresh for longer and contributes to a healthier diet. With the temperature just above freezing and an ideal humidity level, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish retain their vitamins, minerals, and delicate flavor for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerator.

For seamless installation and perfect cooling convenience, Liebherr presents an exceptional French door refrigerator with a counter depth fit and panel ready design.

Liebherr is a symbol of innovation, skill, and drive in the refrigeration and freezer technology industry. Their superior quality appliances use trendsetting materials and classic lines to offer a unique identity and distinct design.


  • German Engineering: The superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative features that fit with your busy lifestyle. Plus, exclusive components and materials along with the latest production processes ensure energy efficiency and performance for years to come.
  • Energy Star
  • Liebherr refrigerators help to produce less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions with the aim to have the least damaging effect on the environment and offering solutions that help consumers conserve energy.
  • BioFresh: Keeping your food fresh in a Liebherr is easy. BioFresh guarantees the perfect climate for super-long-term freshness. Through its advanced technology the temperature is kept at just above freezing. Each drawer can be used individually and provides ideal humidity – HydroSafes with high humidity or DrySafes with low humidity – for a versatile storage solution of meats and cheeses as well as fruits and vegetables.
  • DuoCooling: DuoCooling provides superior performance and efficiency as well as better food preservation. The dual refrigeration system creates optimal conditions in both the refrigerator and freezer which lengthens the shelf life of food items for a healthier lifestyle. This technology also preserves the flavor and texture of foods since there is no transfer of unwanted air, moisture or food aroma between the two compartments.
  • SuperCool: SuperCool generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be rapidly chilled. Reversion from the chilling temperature of +2°C to the normal refrigeration temperature is time or quantity-controlled to help save energy.
  • SuperFrost: SuperFrost generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be frozen rapidly, in a vitamin-preserving manner. Reversion from the freezing temperature of -26°F (-32°C) to the normal freezer temperature is time or quantity-controlled to help save energy.
  • SuperQuiet: Noise is kept to a minimum with virtually silent, speed controlled compressors and a low nose cooling circuit; while also ensuring exact performance, energy efficiency and SuperQuiet operation.
  • Ice Maker: The automatic IceMaker produces perfect halfmoon crescent ice cubes and keeps a constant supply on hand for every occasion. An activated carbon filter ensures that pure water is used for the production of clear ice.
  • SoftSystem: Unique to Liebherr is the patented SoftSystem, often used in high-end cabinetry, ensures that the door closes gently, even when fully loaded. Plus the door opening angle can be reduced to 90 degrees allowing for more design options within kitchen décor.
  • Gallon Storage: A Liebherr is designed to fit more cubic feet of your everyday life. The durable yet elegant GlassLine door racks easily accommodate a large supply of milk or juice on hand.
  • Telescopic Rails: Telescopic rails ensures easy and convenient handling.
  • Water Filter: The activated carbon filter ensures pure water to produce perfectly fresh ice cubes. The precise electronic control will indicate when the filter needs to be replaced.
  • GlassLine: The elegant yet tough GlassLine shelves are scratch resistant and easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. The space-saving shelves are designed for organization and are completely adjustable to suit your needs and the contents of the refrigerator; additionally the lighting shines through for a brighter interior.
  • NoFrost: Food is frozen with chilled, recirculating air, while expelling humidity. As a result, the freezer is always free of ice, ensuring long-term freshness.
  • Additional Features:
  • 12.9 cu. ft. Refrigerator Capacity
  • 6 cu. ft. Freezer Capacity
  • Door Alarm
  • Automatic Defrost
  • 2 Glass Refrigerator Shelves
  • LED Lighting
  • Warranty:
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor


  • Total Capacity: 18.9 Cu. Ft.
  • Dual Refrigeration: Yes
  • Thermostat: Digital
  • Frost-Free: Yes
  • Interior Lighting: LED
  • Ice Maker: Yes
  • ENERGY STAR Rated: Yes
  • Fresh Food Section
  • Capacity: 12.9 Cu. Ft.
  • BioFresh Capacity: 2.4 cu. ft.
  • Shelves: 4; Glass with Stainless Steel Trim
  • BioFresh Crisper Drawers: 2 Half-Width
  • Door Bins: 6
  • SuperCool: Yes
  • Freezer Section
  • Capacity: 6.0 Cu. Ft.
  • Drawers: 2
  • SuperFrost: Yes
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Amps: 15A
  • Volts: 110-120V
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • Width: 35 7/8"
  • Depth: 24 1/16"
  • Height: 79 13/16"
  • Net Weight: 359.3 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 385.8 Lbs.
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Liebherr 36" Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model: HCB-2082

$7,999.00 USD
$3,200.00 USD