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  • Sku: WXI860WCS
  • Vendor: Miele

Miele 24 Inch Front Load Smart Washer Model: WXI860WCS

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Miele 24 Inch Front Load Smart Washer Model: WXI860WCS


24 Inch Front Load Smart Washer with 2.26 Cu. Ft. Capacity Miele Washing Machine with HoneyComb drum. This washer features the TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing, 21 Wash Programs including Soft Steam option, the Quick Intense Wash, and the SingleWash programs, WiFi Connect and Mobile Control.

About Miele

Since 1899, Miele has created thoughtfully designed, precisely engineered home appliances that fulfill the company's founding promise of 'Immer Besser' - a German phrase meaning 'Forever Better. Designed for longevity and durably crafted, our full suite of home appliances delivers many years of exceptional performance, complementing any kitchen décor. Discover how Miele can create special moments... every day - offering a versatile design, which stands the test of time, functionality that simplifies everyday tasks, and quality that will endure for decades.


  • 2.26 Cu. Ft. Capacity: Provides enough room for loads, while easily fitting under an existing countertop. It can be installed side-by-side or stacked, to make the most of your space.
  • HoneyComb Drum: Ensures that your laundry is treated much more gently and is less creased after drying making ironing easier.
  • TwinDos Automatic Detergent Dispensing The industry's first two-phase automatic liquid detergent dispensing system, which saves 30 percent, on average, on detergent versus manually loading. Operates in two stages with UltraPhase 1 combating grease and removing soiling while UltraPhase 2 removes stubborn stains.
  • WiFiConnect: With WiFiConnect you can conveniently connect your Miele appliance to the internet via a WLAN router. Use your smartphone or PC tablet to take advantage of many benefits.
  • Mobile Control: It allows you not only to access the program status but also to conveniently select and start programs using your mobile terminal device, no matter where you are.
  • QuickIntenseWash: Using the Miele-developed 'spin and spray' technology, the new QuickIntenseWash program proves that a regular load of laundry can be washed in 49 minutes with perfect results.
  • SingleWash Programs: When cleaning smaller loads (up to 2.2 lbs.; equivalent to 2 pairs of pants or three dress shirts), this option offers excellent results, a shorter program duration, and low energy and water consumption.
  • It has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 27 percent, water usage by 70 percent, and time by 60 percent. SoftSteam Option. At the end of the wash program, a smoothing program completes the process. During this process, laundry is tumbled inside the moist, warm drum, which has a soothing effect.

  • Additional Features 21 Wash Programs 1600 RPM Max Spin Speed


  • Width: 23 1/2 Inch
  • Depth: 25 5/16 Inch
  • Height: 33 1/2 Inch
  • Capacity: 2.26 Cu. Ft.
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Miele 24 Inch Front Load Smart Washer Model: WXI860WCS

$2,413.85 USD