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  • Sku: NA36N7755TG
  • Vendor: Samsung

Samsung 36" Gas Cooktop Model: NA36N7755TG

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Samsung 36" Gas Cooktop Model: NA36N7755TG


36 Inch Smart Gas Cooktop with Wi-Fi Connectivity
This cooktop comes with a 22K BTU true dual-power burner with two heat options that allow you to quickly boil water or maintain a simmer. It delivers efficient power when you need to get things done quickly. The blue LED illuminated knobs glow when the cooktop is in use so you'll know if you accidentally left the cooktop on. With wi-fi connectivity you can monitor and control your appliance from anywhere, and bluetooth technology lets you also sync fans and lights with cooktop burners.


  • ExtraLow® for slowly simmering delicate recipes: Our ExtraLow(R) feature provides a wide range of temperature control. It cycles the burners on and off to maintain a very low temperature. Perfect for simmering delicate sauces or keeping food warm without scorching or stirring.
  • Our Star® Burner provides equal flame distribution: Star(R) Burners are 56% longer than a round burner of the same size, which allows for more flame ports. The result is a burner that delivers a superior flame spread and reduced
  • Illuminate knobs with a ring of light when in use: A ring of light encircles knobs when in use, artfully illuminating the controls.
  • QuickClean Base® allows for easy cleaning: The raised, patented Pedestal Star(R) Burner and porcelain maintop have been crafted for perfect integration and easy cleanup.(/P)
  • Continuous Grates make it easy to move pans: The connected gridwork allows for moving pots and pans effortlessly across the cooktop.


  • Actual Width: 36 Inch
  • Actual Depth: 22 1/3 Inch
  • Actual Height: 5 41/72 Inch
  • Cutout Width: 33 7/8 Inch
  • Cutout Depth: 19 1/8 Inch
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Samsung 36" Gas Cooktop Model: NA36N7755TG

$1,890.95 USD